Pads with Panache

The kitsch life in Milwaukee

This past weekend I was hosted by my good friend Rebecca R. in Wauwatosa, WI, which is a charming little suburb outside of Milwaukee. Her neighborhood is populated with arts-and-crafts style bungalows and mid-century modern ranch houses. Her apartment is in the converted attic of a bungalow, and she has done an impeccable job of decorating on a budget. Her style is pretty kitsch, and she has a lot of collections, however, she keeps them organized, with space around and between items, and also keeps an eye on proportion.

Like I said, she really has a knack for displaying her collections!

The hostess with her very Austere (and a tad bit excitable) dog Stewart

We were in Milwaukee, after all!

If you don’t need a book to tell you how to decorate, decorate with said book! (Notice the $1.99 price tag still on it.)

Of all things, a Lawrence Welk Commemorative Plate. (Something tells me she didn’t purchase it on HSN.)

Great shape and color on this Ikea Couch. I was regaled by her husband of the harrowing tale of finding that particular couch and the hunt for that particular color slipcover on Ebay. I wish I were that persistent! (With my interior design intentions as well as my husband.)

Neat, dusted, and with space between each item. Ignore these rules of collecting and you will have yourself a confusing pile of nonsense!

Thanks for letting me share your home, Rebecca!

Spiders on the Great American Eagle Roller Coaster

And finally, on a completely unrelated note, I leave you with this photo of the American Eagle roller coaster at Six Flags Great America, which I passed on my way back from Milwaukee. I only post it because “Spiderwebs” by No Doubt was playing on the radio as I passed. I kid you not!

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