Pilloh! by Marjie Best

Ella pillow by Marjie Best

Would you just LOOK at these lovely pillows by Chicago designer Marjie Best! Such a whimsical and delightful aesthetic that could easily go on your couch from Design Within Reach or tucked into a child’s crib.

Cow pillow by Marjie BestSo totally drooling over the play of typography, color, and movement.

Bodoni Alphabet Pillow by Marjie Best

Imagine the impact of the striking simplicity of this Bodoni pillow perched on your favorite chair. Talk about classy.

Birdcage Pillow by Marjie BestBird Magic Pillow by Marjie BestOwl Pillow by Marjie BestPink Monkey Pillow by Marjie BestPink Bird Pillow by Marjie BestThese fabulous pillows and more can be purchased at pilloshop.com.

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