Blog Action Day: The World’s Water Crisis

Transit Poster Advertisement for LIDA

Transit Poster Advertisement for LIDA

In honor of Blog Action Day, today’s blog post is dedicated to the subject of water, specifically, the dwindling supply of safe drinking water the world over. In 2009 I had the honor of creating a branding package for LIDA, the Laboratorio Internazionalle Dell’Acqua in Milan, Italy, a museum completely dedicated to the science of water. In my research for this project I came across some extremely startling statistics, and I believe its high time that we all listen up and take action.

Water Usability Chart.. Click for larger Image

Water Usability Chart.. Click for larger Image

Although the world is covered by 70% water, we know that little of that is freshwater, and much of that freshwater is locked up in glacial ice. Unfortunately, what little usable freshwater we have left is being wasted in a gross fashion by industry, namely the Food, Fashion and Technology industries. Adding to these dismal truths are the following:

  • Waste Overflow: Every day, 2 million tons of human waste are disposed of in water sources. This not only negatively impacts the environment but also harms the health of surrounding communities. More Info »
  • Polluted Oceans: Death and disease caused by polluted coastal waters costs the global economy $12.8 billion a year. More Info »
  • Uninhabitable Rivers: Today, 40% of America’s rivers and 46% of America’s lakes are too polluted for fishing, swimming, or aquatic life. More Info »

So, what’s a regular joe to do, when faced with such seemingly insurmountable forces in the world’s struggle with water? How can we sleep at night knowing that every week, nearly 38,000 children under the age of 5 die from unsafe drinking water and unhygienic living conditions?

Simple. We do our part.

Have you ever heard the old folk tale about the ladybug carrying water to put out a huge forest fire? When asked why she bothered when her efforts were seemingly futile, she responded “I am doing my part.” And that is what we can all do. When you live your life in accordance with your values, amazing things happen. Karma becomes your friend . So instead of throwing your candy wrappers onto the highway of life with your “What does it matter, anyway?” attitude, consider taking these action steps:

  • Conservation Starts at Home: The average person uses 465 liters of water per day. Find out how much you use and which steps you can take to reduce this ghastly amount. More Info »
  • Keeping Rivers Clean: We can all take small steps to help keep pollution out of our rivers and streams, like correctly disposing of household wastes. More Info »
  • Drop the Bottle: Communities around the world are taking steps to reduce water bottle waste by eliminating bottled water. More Info »

Because remember, what we all have in common, with the largest elephant, the smallest flea, and with children in sub-saharan Africa, is that we are all made of water and depend on water to survive. Once we behave the way we think the world should behave–“Being the change we wish to see in the world”–the universe responds in marvelous ways.

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