General Store Typography + The Blessings of Fall

A couple of weekends ago, we found ourselves taking yet another road trip to Wisconsin for a housewarming party. There we met a very woodsy gent who pointed us in the direction of an apple orchard that was on the way back to Chicago. After a couple of unintentional detours, we founds ourselves in New Berlin, WI at Weston’s Antique Apples’ apple harvest festival! The general store in New Berlin was left completely intact, and I was ever-so-enthralled with the many pristine examples of antique advertising, packaging, and typography!

Selected Veal Livers. Mmmmm!

In addition to this bevy of fantastic antique typography, there was also some good old-fashioned square dancing taking place in the barn. These elder folks were smiling so broadly and quite obviously enjoying themselves something fierce:

The Deejay looked super out of place with his laptop. The music was rather generic-sounding, and was punctuated with a deadpan delivery of “Take your partner, do-see-do, find you a pretty one, ’round she goes…”

I am really feeling this guy’s slick 50s hairdo (and square dancing.. err.. towel?)And of course, we treated ourselves with some apples and a trip through the orchard.

And when we got home, this was inevitable:

Recipe courtesy of Martha Stewart (Naturally!)

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