Favorite Holiday Party Scenes

In the month of December I had the pleasure of attending not one, but two parties hosted by over-the-top antique collecting friends.

This first set of photos is from the apartment of Art Director, Travis Rothe. He has an incredible eye for organizing what could be a frenzied mish-mash of collectibles into areas of like colors and themes. Which is fortunate, because this fellow collects a dizzying variety of pieces. He has what I would call a “catholic corner” as well as a “porcelain leopard clock corner”, and–not pictured, unfortunately–a wall of neckties.

Here’s the man of the hour himself! Look at that fantastic brooch. What an incredible host! We topped of the evening by dancing to his expansive record collection.
The following snaps are from the home of Antique and Resale Shoppe owner Jules Breen and her husband Colin Reed of Prairieland Estate Services. Considering the careers of these two, you can probably imagine what sort of goodies they come across and get to keep for themselves.
Their home is like a rotating gallery. Every time I’ve been there, there have been different scenes, vignettes and themes featured in their decor!

So we’ve reached the end of the Holiday Season. I hope we are all the better for it! I don’t know about you but this one seemed to be more “festive” than previous years, and now I’m out of excuses to eat baked goods and drink Maker’s Mark Martinis with abandon!

Whether it’s in the city…

Or the suburbs…

Chicago knows how to put on a show for Christmas!

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