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Cranky Pressman: Letterpress for the Old and Crotchety at Heart

Cranky Pressman is a letterpress printing company out of Salem, OH with the funniest freaking tongue-in-cheek website and branding. Man, do they tickle my funny bone. I love it when a company flies in the face of convention, takes chances and does the often contemptuous and predictable job of marketing in their own refreshing way. […]

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Some Realness

The following video comes with a disclaimer: it may make you uneasy, but I insist you watch it. MAN from Steve Cutts on Vimeo. It’s an uncomfortable fact that somehow, on some level, we are all complicit with what takes place in this animation. We just don’t see it happening; we only buy the products […]

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Little Life Snaps

Early morning light + caffeine = inspiration!!! It’s been a long time since I showed you around the apartment, and things have changed a bit. Something about sharing a good, strong brew with my babe with the light filtering in (we get great light here, with the southern exposure… I could never live in a […]

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Be Your Own Guru

“Remember that the need for nurturance is a genuine human need. To combat an unmet need with willpower is both foolish and futile. Only when we heal the wound of separation and accept and love ourselves without judgement does the need for external nurturance gradually wither away. One way this will manifest is in the […]

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