Cranky Pressman: Letterpress for the Old and Crotchety at Heart

Cranky Pressman greeting card

Cranky Pressman is a letterpress printing company out of Salem, OH with the funniest freaking tongue-in-cheek website and branding. Man, do they tickle my funny bone. I love it when a company flies in the face of convention, takes chances and does the often contemptuous and predictable job of marketing in their own refreshing way. I suggest clicking around their site and getting immersed in the persona of the Cranky Pressman, and to learn a thing or three about letterpress.

Recently, they held a little contest disguised as a threat to fire one of their employees unless someone gave them a good reason not to. Go ahead and read the whole convoluted story.

Here’s the tweet I posted in response:

A tweet sent to the Cranky Pressman

….so I won a calendar and it is a magnificent work of art!

Cranky Pressman Year of the Snake Calendar


And here’s the hilarious card that came with it:

Message inside card: With a heavy heart and a lump in one's throat, we would like to bid you thanks.


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