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Cranky Pressman: Letterpress for the Old and Crotchety at Heart

Cranky Pressman is a letterpress printing company out of Salem, OH with the funniest freaking tongue-in-cheek website and branding. Man, do they tickle my funny bone. I love it when a company flies in the face of convention, takes chances and does the often contemptuous and predictable job of marketing in their own refreshing way. […]

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Typography Cupcakes: An Edible Type Tutorial

When planning the holiday party for The Society of Typographic Arts, I overzealously blurted out “TYPOGRAPHY CUPCAKES!” when asked if there was anything I could contribute. I was sure as heck that someone out there in this design world had embarked on such a project before, so it would be just a matter of googling […]

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Recent Work

I was super thrilled to design these posters for the Northalsted Business Alliance for their holiday gift card program. Northalsted is Chicago’s LGBT epicenter (also known to locals as “Boy’s Town”) so I knew I had free reign to do something creative and memorable! Gotta love clients that value good design and aren’t afraid to […]

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General Store Typography + The Blessings of Fall

A couple of weekends ago, we found ourselves taking yet another road trip to Wisconsin for a housewarming party. There we met a very woodsy gent who pointed us in the direction of an apple orchard that was on the way back to Chicago. After a couple of unintentional detours, we founds ourselves in New […]

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Renegade Craft Fair Highlights

Yesterday was a gay time had by all at the Renegade Craft Fair! The weather cooperated beautifully and I had quite a time strolling around all of the booths. What a huge collection of talent, so much so that it was kind of a little too much for me to handle all at once. I […]

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Pilloh! by Marjie Best

Would you just LOOK at these lovely pillows by Chicago designer Marjie Best! Such a whimsical and delightful aesthetic that could easily go on your couch from Design Within Reach or tucked into a child’s crib.

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Design Hero, Alvin Lustig

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Lifestyle Blog of a Graphic Designer who would like to share her Visual Fantasies With You

Why are you here? You love to look, you have fine taste, you appreciate precise execution and elegant accidents. Designers–and designers at heart–crave that their scenery uplift and inspire them in an oft-indescribable way. Say what you like about beauty being subjective; mathematicians and physicists throughout human history have been able to quantify-to an extent-what […]

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