Information Design

French Horn Object Study

French Horn Object StudyFrench Horn Detail-1French Horn Detail-2French horn Detail -3French Horn Detail-4French Horn Detail-5

Menu Design

Client: Jilly’s Cafe

Jilly's Cafe Dinner MenuJilly's Cafe Specials MenuJilly's Cafe Pre-Theatre MenuJilly's Cafe Lunch Menu

Diagrammatic Drawings

Client: Dimensional Design

Diagrammatic Drawings-2Diagrammatic Drawings-3Diagrammatic Drawings-4diagrammatic drawings-5

Instructional Icons

Client: Dimensional Design

Safe Space-1Safe Space Gallery -8Safe Space Gallery-7Safe Space 6Safe Space Gallery - 6Safe Spage Gallery-3

Technical Dial Labeling System

Client: Dimensional Design

Safe Space Dials - 2

Informational Graphics

Client: TASM

The Water CycleWhere is water located?Where is water located?

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